New facilities, 
Old foundations.

We are incredibly excited to announce two key facilities being developed across Junior and Secondary schools in the near future. We would love to share this with you below and ask you to consider partnering financially with us in seeing these concepts become a reality soon.

Donating to Northside's development campaign is more than just creating new buildings; it's about providing new opportunities for your children to learn, play and grow in a Christian environment and leaving a legacy for future generations. 


Reclaiming land through the middle of A & B block, the Parklands project will bring a new heart to the Junior School - thriving and vibrant with student activity.


Indoor courts, flexible classrooms, breakout spaces, study zones and more. This is the key development that will equip our students for any future.

Your contribution (big or small) matters.

If you are in the position to give, we ask you consider a tax-deductible donation to the Northside Christian College Foundation (prior to 30 June 2021).

Every financial gift is helping leave a legacy for your children and many generations to come. Thank you; your support truly makes a difference.

"I am super excited for the new outdoor space for our Junior School. It will be a place where our students can play, learn and build friendships. It is exciting to be part of this stage of the Junior School development."

Mrs Cheryl Bryers
Year 6 Junior School Teacher

Commenting on 
Junior School Parklands Project

Commenting on 
Stage 3 CINC Building

Oliver & Franceska
2021 Senior Sports Captains

"It's great for students to have the opportunity to go to a higher level. I think the accessibility and quality of the facilities will increase participation in Sport and HPE. The enclosed study spaces will be inspiring for study too."

Northside Christian College
Prep to Year 12, Brisbane, Australia

Please see College website for more:


• A new Years 3-6 Playground
Large reclaimed internal space in between A and B blocks
• Covered lunchtime seating space 
• Sandpit and play pit
• Mini-climbing wall
• Undercovered area with handball courts and tiered seating 
• Breakout and study spaces
• Raised wooden walkway (Flockton St across Junior School to Main Reception)

Junior School Parklands
& Playground

This project includes:

CINC Stage 3: Secondary Campus Precinct

This project includes:

• Indoor Sports Centre
• Gym and weights room
• Showers and bathrooms
• Multi-use classrooms
• Breakout spaces
• Media Hub (Audio/Visual Studio)
• Study centre





Current: $290,000

With your support through the Building Levy, we have almost reached our community contribution goal towards these two projects for the 2020/2021 Financial Year. 

We always endeavour to keep Northside affordable for families. With additional money outside of tuition fees needed for building and project costs, we are thankful to YOU - our parents - who provide these funds via the Building Levy, and to the generosity of those (in the position to do so) that contribute extra to our building and development funds. 

These 'community contributed funds' combine with College contributed funds, bank loans, and any government grants (God-willing!) to allow our students to have modern, safe and purposeful resources and facilities.

We are excited for these projects, and hope you can join with us in imagining your child, their friends, their peers, and even the generation to come using these spaces to become the man or woman God has called them to be.

Goal: $320,000

Remaining: $30,000





To be reached by June 30, 2021

Can you help us to provide students with the space to stretch themselves physically, academically, socially and spiritually further than they have gone before?

Stage 3 of CINC will replace the existing demountable classrooms with a state-of-the-art extension to the CINC building. Pending government support, this will aim to begin construction during 2022. 

The new facilities will further our mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ educated and equipped students for any future.

Gym and Indoor Sporting Facilities

Every year we are amazed at the quality of athletic performances that our students deliver on campus and at representative level. We are thankful for our current partnership with Zillmere Sporting Complex with its fantastic five indoor courts; however, having undercover onsite sporting facilities will provide more time training and less time traveling. 

The new designated gym and court with collapsible event seating for 350 will allow our students to further their development as athletes with access to high quality facilities on campus. From fitness, strength and conditioning equipment to full size courts for basketball/volleyball/netball/futsal we will cater to all students sporting needs.

Flexible Learning Spaces

We know that every student learns differently as they are created uniquely by God. Offering flexible, independent and collaborative learning spaces will support the different subjects, pathways and learning styles provided in Secondary School. 

Stage 3 will include university style independent learning spaces, flexible classrooms, break out spaces, study booths and independent study nooks, a kitchenette, conference rooms, and areas for students to socialise. 

Media Hub

Furthering our creative arts precinct - and in addition to the music recording studios and soundbooths - this multimedia space is dedicated for recording podcasts and vodcasts, for use in lessons, assignments and curriculum, as well as co-curricular benefits such as independent student projects, content creation from teachers, and students alike.

Thank you for considering donating to our annual appeal at this important milestone, as we look to develop these key facilities that will support the outstanding work of our teachers and the educational and spiritual outcomes of our students for decades to come.

The Junior School precinct has served us faithfully as the first buildings of the College. The Junior School consists of two classroom blocks separated by a Brisbane City Council easement.

 The College has gained permission to pipe the easement to reclaim an additional 1,200 square metres of land area in the heart of Junior School. 

We are excited to announce the Junior School Parklands. The project will include an undercover multi-purpose area, a new Years 3-6 playground, new pedestrian entry to the school from Flockton Street, external learning areas and play spaces. 

New covered lunch area

This space will provide opportunities for friends to play, students to learn and children to have a safe place to be outside all year round. The undercover space will extend the length of time children socialise/eat and play outdoors during wet weather, which is beneficial for student focus and attention span.

Breakout and study nooks, indoor and outdoor learning spaces and the natural environment will provide new opportunities to improve student outcomes and engagement. These spaces will assist in providing student-focused teaching strategies, collaborative lessons and further develop an excellent learning culture.

Years 3-6 playground

With Junior School Parklands refurbishment in the near future, we are focusing our efforts on installing a new playground for students to use during the construction phase. The new playground will replace the current playground located near the demountable on the oval.

The new playground "Kilimanjaro" will offer climbing, sliding, balancing, motor skill development and coordination activities for various ages.

Thank you for considering donating to our annual appeal at this important milestone, as we look to develop this key facility that will support the outstanding work of our teachers and the educational and spiritual outcomes of our students for decades to come.


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